"The excimer laser, best know for its use in eye surgery is now being used to treat psoriasis. Of those who complete the study 84% showed at least a 75% improvement in 10 or fewer treatments."

"The new news is the VTRAC Excimer laser which is a targeted beam of light which allows for precise phototherapy of the psoriatic plaque."

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VTRAC in the media

CEO Dolev Rafaeli introduces the Photomedex launch into India, setting up a chain of franchise clinics that will treat Vitiligo and Psoriasis patients, starting in Hyderabad.

Founder Ratan Jalan introduces the Vtrac activities in the Indian Market, and the treatments offered its effectiveness, lack of side of effects and pricing.


Interviewed for the V6 news, CEO Dolev Rafaeli introduces the Photomedex launch into India.

ETVTG news Introducing the Vtrac treatments offered by Photomedex